Reduce your team’s workload and increase productivity by 80%

Your own AI-powered business advisor that rapidly processes all your internal knowledge, documents, and data, delivering high-quality insights and answers to all of your team's questions.
A 30 min e-coffee ☕️ to show what we can do for your business. No cost or strings attached.

Resolve team and customer questions in seconds. 

3X productivity

Streamline your operations by minimizing repetitive requests and time-consuming information searches.

50% less mistakes

Mitigate the risk of utilizing incorrect or outdated information scattered across numerous documents and databases.

Increased satisfaction

Take away the frustration of repetitive tasks, phone calls, emails, and recurring explanations.

Import and process all types of documents

Our AI engine - powered by OpenAI - possesses the capability to process and comprehend a wide array of knowledge and document types. Whether it's textual information, technical documents, research papers, or industry-specific content, our portal can efficiently handle and analyze the diverse range of information required.

Integrate with your internal tools and tech stack

Whether you utilize customer relationship management (CRM) software, project management tools, or other business applications, we provide comprehensive support in seamlessly integrating with your existing infrastructure. This empowers your team to harness the power of AI in retrieving and processing your internal information, delivering high-quality answers and insights.

Customize your portal to align with your brand.

We design and develop a custom branded AI portal that aligns seamlessly with your brand guidelines. From the colors and fonts to the overall layout, we ensure that every aspect of the portal reflects your identity.

Provide access to your team or customers

Ensure exclusive internal use by configuring access rights for your team and departments. We provide hosting for the portal within a custom URL. If you want to make it public, we can add a custom widget integrated into your website, enabling customers to conveniently interact with the portal.

Make better decisions in less time.

A 30 min e-coffee ☕️ to show what we can do for your business. No cost or strings attached.

Fully stacked features with the highest security

GPT-4 enabled

Use the most powerful LLM available to answer any technical question.


Import data from various sources at once for your bot.


Set tailored rules for how the AI should process and deliver the content.

+95 languages

Chat in the language of your choice and the engine will handle all translations instantly.

Access rights

Manage permissions to control who can access your business portal.


Complement answers with links to files, pages, and third-party apps (e.g. Calendly).


Highest safety standards for storing and processing data and information.

Private data

No internal data will ever be used by OpenAI to train or improve their model.


Dedicated support team to help you configure and tailor your portal.